Celebrating Life with You!

Why work with Blank Canvas?

Planning special events with family and friends is often so much fun and makes for memorable experiences!

Sometimes, however, the process can become more “work” than anyone could have imagined and can lead to high levels of stress. 

With Blank Canvas, the stress that personal relationships can encounter will be reduced and can allow family and friends to truly enjoy the moment of the event and allow the client the opportunity to work through ideas without loved ones feeling excluded. Plus, the element of surprise for family members always adds something special to an event. 


1. Begin by contacting us for a consultation to explore the possibilities available to you.

2. Preview proposed contract and estimates.

3. Get started planning your event with Blank Canvas by your side!

When should I get started?

Timing is important when working together on any event, so the sooner you can decide that you want our assistance, the better the experience will be. Though we have and are able to work in time sensitive circumstances, a thirty day lead time is optimal!